Meet the Orbit Turntable

The Orbit is a high performance, customizable turntable that starts at $179. Each one is carefully built by hand in Boston. The Orbit is for anyone who loves their music - first time vinyl listeners and seasoned audiophiles alike.

Make it yours

Our Orbit customization tool lets you choose the color, cartridge, platter, and add-ons that fit your preferences and your budget. Need a phono preamp for your setup? We've got that covered. New to vinyl? Check out our tutorials.

Detailed & natural sound 

A turntable should be reliable and easy to use, but most importantly it should sound great. The Orbit is built from high quality materials and features an innovative tonearm and AC synchronous motor that runs quietly and consistently.

"With the Orbit Basic turntable, U-Turn Audio has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams; their very first attempt is a knockout!"

Steve Guttenberg, CNET 



"U-Turn Audio's Orbit is, by far, the best bang for your buck we've seen in a turntable."

Caleb Denison, Digital Trends 



"Holy shit! The U-Turn Orbit turned out to be even better than I originally thought and I originally thought it was damn good to begin with."

Michael Fremer, Analog Planet



"A 179 dollar miracle... it offers those unfamiliar with analog playback an inexpensive and uncomplicated way to find out what the fuss is all about."

Jerold O'Brian, TONEAudio



"If you haven't made the plunge and bought a record player, it's about time you thought about picking up the Orbit Turntable."



"U-Turn Audio's minimalist $179 Orbit Basic produces sound as good as equipment twice its price."