Playing your vinyl

Some helpful tips for using your Orbit and caring for your records.

Using the Orbit

We designed the Orbit to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible:

1. Place your Orbit on a flat, sturdy surface and away from vibrations. 

2. Make sure the belt is on the right speed setting. The top groove on the pulley is for 33 rpm records and the bottom groove is for 45 rpm records.

3. Turn the Orbit on.

4. Gently lift the tonearm from the rest and place the stylus on the outer groove of the record. Be sure to remove the plastic stylus cover first.

5. Close the dust cover while listening to prevent dust accumulation that can diminish sound quality.

6. When the record has finished, gently lift up the stylus and place the tonearm back in the rest. 



Handling your records

Vinyl is a delicate medium. As such, we do our best to handle our records with care.

It's best to avoid touching the playing surface with your hands. To do this, handle the record by the outer edge and center label sticker.

ab holding a record.jpg

Storing your records

Believe it or not, how you store your records is very important. Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

1. Keep your records stored upright.

2. Store your records in a room with a consistent temperature (i.e. not a garage or attic) and keep them out of direct sunlight. Excessive heat or moisture can damage your records. 




Cleaning your records


If you find that a record doesn't sound as good as it used to, you might want to try cleaning it. The best and safest way to do this is by using a special vinyl brush  for removing dust.


We do not recommend using any liquid to clean your records unless you know exactly what you're doing. 




Cleaning your stylus

It's a good idea to check your stylus every now and then for dust accumulation. If you find that your stylus needs cleaning, first try blowing on it.

If that doesn't do the trick, very carefully use a vinyl brush in a backwards-forwards motion (not side-to-side) to remove the dust. 

Do not touch the stylus with your hands. 


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