A holiday gift guide for vinyl lovers

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If you can't decide on a gift for the vinyl lover in your life, check out our team's favorite gifts for the music- and vinyl-obsessed. 

Grado SR60e Headphones ($79)

Looking for an affordable pair of open-back headphones? Look no further. There is no better bang-for-your-buck than the SR60e. Check out the Schiit Magni 2 if you need a solid headphone amp to pair with your Grados.

PO-12 synth ($59)

The PO-12 is a fully-functional, pocket-sized drum machine. We still don't understand how Teenage Engineering packed so many features in here. If drums aren't your thing, there are 5 other synths available.

Engraved cork slipmats ($20.50)

Step up your slipmat game with these laser-engraved mats. Choose from one of the two-dozen available options (our favorite is the Planetary Map shown below) or upload your own custom design.

cork mat

Spin Clean Record Washer (starts at $79.99)

Dirty records don't sound good. And sometimes a record brush just isn't enough. The Spin Clean is our favorite wet cleaning system for heavier duty jobs. It scrubs both sides of the record as dirt and grime slides off into the tank.

Onzow Zerodust Stylus Cleaner ($40)

The Zerodust is the easiest way to keep your stylus clean. Like, really clean. All you need to do is gently lower the stylus onto the gel pad, lift, and repeat until the dirt/debris is gone. This is the stylus cleaner of choice at the U-Turn factory.

Yosoo Stylus Gauge ($13)

If you plan on changing your cartridge, we strongly recommend using a stylus gauge to check your cartridge's VTF (vertical tracking force). While there are fancier gauges on the market, Yosoo's gauge is inexpensive and gets the job done. 

The 45s Crate ($76)

Store your 45s in style with this handcrafted crate from Koeppel Design. Did we mention that the baltic birch goes nicely with our new maple finish?

Record Sleeves ($11.99)

Record collectors know that you can never have too many sleeves. And Sleeve City is our favorite sleeve source.

 IKEA Kallax (starting at $34.99)

The Kallax is a go-to storage solution for vinyl listeners everywhere. It is available in a range of sizes and colors, and is surprisingly affordable with prices starting at $35.

Vinyl Me, Please Monthly Subscription (starting at $23 per month)

Give a year’s supply of new records with a Vinyl Me, Please subscription. Every month VMP sends subscribers a special edition pressing on colored vinyl with exclusive artwork. 

Wrensilva Standard One ($6,000)

The Standard One console from our friends at Wrensilva is a modern take on the classic stereo console. Notice anything familiar here?

Perfecting Sound Forever ($15)

A painstakingly detailed look into the history of recorded audio, from Thomas Edison's inventions to contemporary digital music files.

Dust & Grooves ($49)

Ogle other people's record collections while you enjoy your own. Dust & Grooves features photo essays, interviews and mixes from the world's top vinyl record collectors.

Jack White Acoustic Recordings ($25)

This new compilation from Third Man Records traces the softer, stripped-down side of Jack White’s discography. Everything from The White Stripes to his recent solo work is represented here.

DFA Compilation #1 ($25)

A great compilation of releases from the formative years of James Murphy’s record label. Highlights include tracks from LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture.

We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service - A Tribe Called Quest ($27)

The newest (and probably final album) from hip-hop stalwarts A Tribe Called Quest. Currently available for pre-order with a 12/23 release.

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