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Pat is U-Turn's longest tenured assembly technician. From machining to shipping, Pat has done it all. These days, he focuses mostly on tonearm assembly and final inspection. You might recognize his name from the serial label on the bottom of your Orbit.

What's your favorite part of working at U-Turn?

I love the product and I like working with my hands. We're building record players in the States, so that's different. It's a very friendly environment. The new place is better than the last one, that's for damn sure. Everything is well orchestrated. The flow - the whole lean manufacturing thing - works out pretty well.

Least favorite part?

My one hour commute time. Brutal traffic on 93.

What is your most prized record?

I have too many. Probably Rush's "All the World's a Stage" that my father gave to me. I own all 20-something rush albums. They aren't cheap. I've been to 3 or 4 concerts. They're pretty good for old dudes.

What do you do when you're not building turntables?

I play guitar and bass, just like everyone else here. Watch sports - Red Sox and Patriots. I am an amateur mechanic with a love for the Lamborghini Countach, rotary engines, and high-end computer hardware.

What's for lunch?

Cheese pizza.

What's your favorite U-Turn moment?

A bunch of us played a concert at the factory to celebrate building out 10,000th turntable. We played a range from Dolly Parton to Iron Maiden, having practiced just one time before. I ended up winning the 10,000th table in a raffle, so that was cool.

Tell us about your home stereo.

I have that 10,000th Orbit special with acrylic platter, Grado Blue1 cartridge with a custom leather slipmat and a beta 12V Pluto Preamp. I've got that hooked up to a Pioneer receiver and two mid-eighties Technics towers, also a pair of Sennheiser HD595s. I've got a second Orbit running through an Onkyo R1 with a pair of R2s.

How do you like working with your brothers?

They are both completely different. Pete is pretty pleasant - he is a good kid and learns fast and is a handful. That's true for Phil too, actually. I can push the boundaries a bit more with them. I get to see a whole side of them that I don't see at home. It has been a great experience.

Anything else?

I've broken like seven bones and I might be a computer.

Check out Pat on the front of the Boston Globe business section (April 20, 2016):

Buy today's Boston Globe for a picture of me. @uturnaudio

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