Three American-made vinyl storage solutions

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From milk crates to Kallaxes (Kallaxi?), there are plenty of ways to store and display your record collection. But not all storage solutions are created equal. So we've done some research and identified three great new solutions for properly storing, displaying, and organizing your collection. And they're all 100% designed and built in the US. We're also giving a couple of these away - details at the bottom of this page!

Turntable Station by Line Phono

Turntable Station is a well-designed, super-utilitarian stand for your records and gear. This thing doesn’t just look cool - it is cool. It was designed by four DJs in Brooklyn, which actually, is the definition of cool.

Live in a shoebox without room for furniture? That’s okay - a lot of DJ’s in Brooklyn do, too. For that reason, the designers of Line Phono made this the most compact and efficient turntable stand on the planet. The entire thing only takes up about 2.6 square feet, and not one square inch of that is wasted.

The top of the unit is a turntable stand, which will perfectly fit your Orbit (or even your non-Orbit turntable). Directly below is an accessories shelf, with ample room for your preamp, compact amplifiers and vinyl accessories. Below that, each of the two main shelves can safely hold up to 100 records and has a record stop to ensure that your records don’t get pushed too far back. Our favorite feature? The shelves have "now spinning grooves" in the front for you to highlight your favorite album cover art.

These guys even found an effective way to keep power and audio cables separate and neat, which helps eliminate one of the most common causes of interference (PSA: Your RCA cables should always be isolated). The stand has built in ports, so that cables can be routed from shelf to shelf while remaining hidden but easily accessible from the side. It even has a side hook for extra cables or headphones.

Available in carbon and wood finish, $399 via Line Phono.

Record Dividers by Koeppel Design

Anyone reading a post on vinyl storage solutions is probably a little obsessive. And that’s okay. An organized life is a good one. Kate Koeppel gets it. Her sleek, customizable record dividers are a great solution for anyone trying to hyperorganize their collection.

Kate designs, cuts, engraves, and packages each of these suckers by hand. Every divider set takes 3-6 hours to produce, and each is as unique as your own record collection. The panels are made of high-grade European Birch, which is carefully sourced and inspected for quality and consistency. Even cooler - Koeppel Design only works with local California companies, so they really do have control over every element that goes into their products. 

The dividers are highly customizable. There are solutions for organizing alphabetically and by genre (85+ genres available). If you are truly neurotic, you can even organize your records alphabetically by genre. You do you. But if you do that, and also make people take their shoes off, we aren’t coming over.

Available in many configurations, beginning at $33 via Koeppel Design.


Flipin bills itself as a "new home for the vinyl you're now playing." You may have recently seen Flipbin on Kickstarter, where they raised $43K from record collectors looking for a better storage solution (just like you). Flipbin was created in protest of having a "shelf-only" storage system, which the company has deemed the "walk-in closet of vinyl storage." The founders recognize that, like clothing, you have records that you use more than others. Those records shouldn’t be stuffed into the same closet as the sweaters that grandma gives you every Christmas. Your everyday records should be handled, played, heard, and displayed. Everyday.

So now, thanks to Flipbin, you can pull out your everyday records and put them somewhere cool. The product provides that rare, nostalgic ‘flip-thru’ browsing experience, while also showcasing album artwork (perhaps a new take on an old idea). So pull out your favorite records and put them in here. You'll flip out.

Pre-orders coming soon to

Giveaway time!

We're giving away one A-Z three panel 12" Record Divider set from Koeppel Design and one anodized silver 12" Flipbin. Contest entries are open through 7/31/16. Enter your email and prize selection below. By entering, you will be signed up to receive promotional emails from U-Turn Audio, Koeppel Design, and Flipbin. Limit one entry per person. 

UPDATE 8-5-16: Sorry - this giveaway has ended :(

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