The Orbit's belt is relatively loose. This helps prevent motor vibrations from reaching your stylus and minimizes speed variation (think of the platter as a flywheel). Here are some tips for installing your belt and changing speeds.

Belt installation

  1. Use your left hand to gently hold the belt in the correct pulley groove. The smaller (top) groove is for 33 RPM and the larger (bottom) groove is for 45 RPM. 
  2. Continue to gently hold the belt in the groove with your left hand. With your right hand, press the belt against the side of the platter at roughly the 12 o’clock position (the back edge of the platter, closest to the dust cover).
  3. Use your right hand to rotate the platter until the belt is fully installed. As you rotate, let the belt slide between your left hand and the pulley groove.
  4. Avoid pulling on the belt or pulley during installation. Pulling will lead to excess slack when you release the belt, which may cause it to fall off.



Changing speeds

  • The smaller groove at the top of the pulley is for 33 RPM – this is usually what you’ll use. The bottom pulley groove is only for 45 RPM records such as 7" singles.
  • You do not need to remove the belt to change speeds. Instead, try moving the belt from one groove to the other in a single, fluid motion. Check out the video below to see this in action.
  • Rotating the platter while you move the belt will help maintain belt tension and prevent your belt from falling off during speed change.




  • If you are having trouble installing the belt on the 33 RPM pulley groove, try first installing on the 45 RPM groove and then rolling the belt onto 33 RPM (similar to the speed change video above). 
  • The belt can be a bit trickier to install if you have a Cue Lever installed on your Orbit. If you have a Cue Lever and are having trouble with installation, try sliding the lever off before installing the belt.
  • If you are still having trouble, contact us for help!