Does your belt seem a little loose? Fret not! It is loose by design. This helps prevent motor vibrations from reaching your stylus and enhances speed consistency (think of the platter as a flywheel). It can also make installation a little tricky at first, so we have some tips for you:

1. It is helpful to rotate the platter as you install the belt. This will maintain belt tension as you install. Also, avoid pulling the pulley inward during installation. Pulling will lead to excess slack when you release the belt, which may cause the belt to fall off.

belt installation

2. If you are having trouble installing the belt on the 33 RPM (top) pulley groove, then try installing on 45 RPM and rolling the belt onto 33. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to change speeds without removing the belt:

3. The belt can be a bit trickier to install with a cue lever on. If you have a cue lever and are having trouble with installation, please slide the lever off before installing the belt.

Once the belt is installed, you should not need to remove it. Just be careful not to leave the belt on the 45 RPM setting for long periods of time when the turntable is not in use. This might cause the belt to prematurely wear out. Under normal use, the belt should last around 2000 playing hours.

If you are having trouble with your belt, please contact us! Like the rest of the turntable, your belt is covered under our 2-year warranty.