Product Information

How do I connect my turntable? Do I need additional equipment?

Please read our brief stereo setup guide for more information on connecting your turntable. You may need a phono preamp and/or additional cables, depending on the equipment you're connecting to. Our turntables do not have built-in speakers, but we do make powered speakers that are designed for use with our turntables.

What are the differences between your turntable models?

You can view a comparison chart of our different turntable models here.

Do your turntables come with a dust cover?

Yes, all of our turntables come with a sturdy acrylic dust cover included.

Do your turntables come with a cue lever?

Orbit Special and Theory come standard with our Cue Lever installed. For other models, the Cue Lever is optional and can be purchased separately here. It's simple to install at home, so you can easily add a Cue Lever to your turntable at any time.

What's the difference between the built-in and external Pluto 2 Phono Preamp?

Our built-in and external Pluto 2 Preamps have the same components and circuit design, so the sound quality will be the same. The external preamp's aluminum housing provides some added protection against interference, which may be helpful if you have a lot of electronics near your turntable. The built-in version is fully bypassable (there is an on/off switch in the back), in case you ever want to connect your turntable to a different preamp.

Can I bypass the built-in preamp if I want to use a different preamp?

Yes, turntables with a built-in preamp have a full bypass switch on the back to turn the preamp on and off.

Do your turntables have anti-skate?

All Orbit Turntables have anti-skate. Orbit Basic, Plus, Special, and Custom have internal anti-skate that's preset at the factory. Orbit Theory features adjustable anti-skate.

Do your turntables return or stop the tonearm when my record is done playing?

The Orbit is fully manual, so there is no auto-return or auto-lift functionality. Third-party auto-lifters such as the Q Up Tonearm Lifter and Audio-Technica AT6006R Safety Riser are compatible with Orbit Turntables, but may not be compatible with our Cue Lever (depending on what version Orbit you have).

What's the difference between the MDF and acrylic platter?

Our acrylic platter provides improved speed stability and lower resonance. You can learn more about our platter options here.

What's the difference between the cartridges you offer?

We offer several pre-installed cartridge options on our turntables. You can learn more about the available options and the differences between them here.

Can I order a turntable without a cartridge installed?

Due to our manufacturing and QC processes, we're not able to ship turntables without cartridges at this time. Changing your cartridge at home is simple. You can learn more about replacing your cartridge here.

What's the difference between the standard rubber feet and the Iso-Level Feet?

Our upgraded Iso-Level Feet are adjustable-height, aluminum feet that feature Sorbothane for advanced vibration isolation. Iso-Level Feet come standard with Orbit Theory and are available as an option on Orbit Custom. They are also available as a separate accessory that can be installed on any Orbit Turntable.

Do your turntables play 78 RPM records?

No, our turntables are 2-speed (33/45 RPM only).


What is your return and exchange policy?

We offer hassle-free returns and exchanges within 30 days of delivery for any U-Turn Audio products purchased on www.uturnaudio.com. You can view our full return and warranty policy here. Please contact us to initiate a return or exchange.

What countries do you ship to?

We currently offer shipping to US and Canadian addresses only. If you plan on using a freight forwarder to ship your order to a different country, please note that our equipment is designed for use on 120V/60Hz power. Some of our products may not work properly outside of North America, even if you use a stepdown voltage transformer. Please contact us if you have questions about using our products outside of the US or Canada.

Is my order eligible for free shipping?

Orders of $99 or more (before taxes) are eligible for free shipping within the contiguous US. If your order qualifies, you will automatically be presented with a free shipping option at checkout. This does not include orders shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, US territories, or AFO/FPO addresses.

How long will it take my order to ship?

Expected shipping times are displayed on each product page. Items listed "In Stock" typically ship within 1-3 business days. Time in transit varies by shipping carrier and destination address.

Do you offer expedited shipping options?

Depending on the details of your order, we may be able to offer expedited shipping methods at an additional cost. Please contact us if you would like to add expedited shipping to your order.

Do you offer financing?

We've partnered with Affirm to offer flexible monthly payment plans. Depending on the purchase amount, Affirm may present you with interest-free monthly payments or terms ranging from 3-12 monthly payments. There are no fees for you to use Affirm. Interest rates are subject to eligibility. Select "Affirm - Pay Over Time" at checkout to apply and see what payment plans are available for your purchase.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, gift cards are available here. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions on how to redeem them.

Connecting Your Turntable

Do I need a phono preamp?

If you're connecting to an amp or speakers with a clearly labeled "PHONO" input, then you do NOT need a phono preamp. Otherwise, you will need a phono preamp to connect to your amp or speakers. We offer a built-in phono preamp option on all of our turntables, and we also make an external phono preamp.

What speakers do you recommend for your turntables?

We designed our Ethos Powered Speakers to pair particularly well with our turntables. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking for more personalized equipment recommendations.

Do your turntables come with a ground wire?

Our turntables are internally grounded via the left RCA channel, so no ground wire is needed (even if your amp has a place to connect one). Occasionally we see equipment, especially vintage receivers, that do not work well with internally grounded turntables. For these cases, we have an external ground breakout available. Please contact us if you think you may need an external ground breakout.

How do I connect my turntable to speakers via Bluetooth?

Our turntables do not come with built-in Bluetooth. To pair an Orbit with Bluetooth speakers or headphones, you will need a phono preamp and a separate Bluetooth transmitter. We generally don't recommend connecting your turntable via Bluetooth, since converting the analog audio signal to digital can negatively impact sound quality. You can read more about this here.

How do I connect my turntable to headphones?

Both a phono preamp and headphone amp are needed to connect your turntable to headphones. Please read our article on connecting to headphones here.

How do I connect my turntable to Sonos?

Connecting to Sonos requires a phono preamp. With a preamp, you can connect your turntable to any Sonos device with either an RCA, 3.5 mm AUX, or USB-C input (such as the Era series, Five, Connect, or Port). Once your turntable is connected to one Sonos device, you can wirelessly stream the signal to other Sonos speakers in your home. Learn more about connecting your turntable to a Sonos system here.

How do I connect my turntable to a computer to make digital recordings of records?

If your computer has a standard mic input, then you can connect your turntable (with preamp) directly to this input and use the software of your choice to record your music (we recommend Audacity as a simple and free solution). If your computer doesn't have a mic input, then you can use a phono preamp with a USB output connect to your computer.

Care & Maintenance

How long does the belt last? How do I find a replacement?

Under normal use, the belt should last 1000+ playing hours before needing to be replaced. Every belt is covered under 3-year warranty. Outside of warranty, replacement belts are available here.

What is a phono cartridge?

All our turntables come with a pre-installed cartridge. The cartridge translates the information contained in the record grooves into an electrical signal that can be amplified and played through speakers. The cartridge includes a removable stylus (i.e. needle) that contacts the record during play. You can learn more about our cartridge options here.

How do I replace or upgrade the cartridge on my turntable?

You can learn how to change your cartridge here. New cartridges can be ordered here.

How long does the stylus last?

The lifespan of the stylus depends on a number of factors: the make/model of your cartridge, your VTF setting, the condition of your records, and how often you clean your stylus. Under normal conditions, the stylus will typically last 1000-2000 hours before needing to be replaced.

How should I clean my stylus?

We recommend regularly cleaning your stylus using a carbon fiber stylus brush or a reputable gel pad cleaner like the Onzow Zerodust. Avoid using cleaning fluids, since these may damage the stylus over time. You can read more about cleaning your stylus here.

How do I replace the stylus?

The stylus easily slides on and off the cartridge body, which lets you replace the stylus without having to remove or adjust the cartridge itself. Replacement instructions vary slightly depending on the model of cartridge. Please contact us if you need installation instructions for a specific cartridge.

Do I need to put a mat on top of my turntable's platter?

Our tonearms are optimized for use with a ⅛” thick platter mat (included), but it's acceptable to place your records directly on the acrylic platter if you prefer.

Where can I order replacement parts for U-Turn Audio products?

Replacement parts are available here. Please contact us if you need a part that is not listed.

How should I clean my records?

We recommend cleaning your records before and after each play using a dry carbon fiber record brush like this. You can read more about cleaning and caring for your records here.

About U-Turn

What is your warranty policy?

All newly purchased U-Turn Audio products come with a 3-year warranty, provided they are purchased through our website or an authorized U-Turn Audio dealer. You can learn more about our warranty policy here.

Where are your products manufactured?

U-Turn Audio products are assembled in Woburn, MA using parts from domestic and international suppliers. You can learn more about our manufacturing process here.

Can I pick up my order at your factory?

Unfortunately we're not able to offer local pickups, demos, or tours at our MA production facility at this time.

How do I become a dealer?

Please contact us for more information on becoming an authorized U-Turn Audio dealer.

How do I contact you?

Please direct all inquiries and comments to info@uturnaudio.com.

Who do I contact about accessibility issues I encountered on this site?

U-Turn is committed to making its website accessible to all individuals. Please click here to view our Accessibility Statement, and contact us if you encounter any accessibility issues on our website.

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