About the Orbit Turntable

We believe that great sound should be affordable. By redesigning classic audiophile components and leaving out nonessentials, we created a remarkably simple turntable that provides detailed and natural sound. Easy to setup and always reliable, the Orbit delivers a dynamic and distortion-free listening experience that outperforms its price tag.

Hear your music, not your turntable.

Great vinyl playback is all about controlling vibration. That’s why the Orbit’s motor is decoupled from the base by a rubber suspension that prevents vibration from seeping into the sound. Since the motor synchronizes with a stable AC frequency, it provides excellent speed consistency and minimizes pitch variation (i.e. wow & flutter).

The Orbit’s exposed drive belt further decouples the motor from the cartridge, and it plays at both 33 and 45 RPM. The platter rides on an inverted main bearing – providing stability and reduced bearing noise (i.e. rumble). In other words, all you'll hear is the music on your record.

Created with love. Crafted with precision.

A well-engineered tonearm is the crucial link between your records and your speakers. To deliver impeccable sound, the tonearm must achieve harmony between tracking force, mass distribution, and rigidity. The Orbit’s precision gimbal arm turns effortlessly on precision ball bearings. It is balanced by an adjustable stainless steel counterweight and now features pre-set anti-skate to reduce tracking distortion.

It’s all play and no work.

The Orbit is ready to play out of the box. The cartridge comes pre-installed with tracking force properly adjusted, so all you have to do is turn the table on and lower the tonearm. Every turntable includes a dust cover, felt mat, and RCA cables. We offer an optional built-in preamp on all of our models, so that you can easily connect directly to powered speakers or an amp. Parts are interchangeable so you can upgrade down the line and tailor your turntable to your changing needs. When you purchase an Orbit, you are covered by our two-year warranty and lifetime product support from our turntable specialists.

This time it’s personal…

It’s your music. You should be able to hear it exactly the way you want. That’s why we let you configure your Orbit to fit your tastes and your budget. You can choose your color, cartridge, platter, and add-ons to enhance your listening experience. With all the options available, there are hundreds of turntable possibilities to choose from. So no matter what you’re looking for, we can build you a turntable you’ll love.

Made in Mass,
not mass produced.

Every Orbit is made-to-order and assembled by hand in our Woburn, Massachusetts workshop. Prior to shipping, each turntable goes through comprehensive listening, wow & flutter, and rumble tests, as well as a 15-point performance evaluation.

We source nearly all of our parts from US suppliers. Our acrylic platters are fabricated in Ohio. Our plinths come from Minnesota, and our machined metal components from Connecticut. By keeping our suppliers close and our assembly in-house, we are able to maintain a consistently high level of quality.

Find your perfect turntable.

Orbit Basic
Orbit Plus
Orbit Special
Orbit Custom
Finish options
Platter type MDF Acrylic Acrylic MDF or Acrylic
Cartridge Audio-Technica CN5625AL Ortofon OM 5E Ortofon 2M Red Audio-Technica CN5625AL, Ortofon OM 5E, Grado Black1, Ortofon 2M Red, or Ortofon 2M Blue
Cue lever Available separately Available separately Included Optional
Built-in preamp Optional Optional Optional Optional
Price $179+ $289+ $459+ $179+