Orbit Turntable

Orbit Turntable

Built for music lovers.

Meet the next generation

We’ve re-imagined the Orbit Turntable

Designed out of a love of music. That’s why we focus on the music-making components.

Revamped drive system

Low-noise AC synchronous motor with flexible rubber suspension. Seamless silicone belt.

Speed control options

Upgrade from manual to electronic speed control with advanced motor controller.

Drive system

OA3 Tonearm

White Orbit Basic overhead Motor highlight Platter highlight Tonearm highlight Cartridge highlight

Speed control


New OA3 Tonearm

Precision gimbal tonearm with one-piece magnesium armtube. Cue lever optional.

Updated platter

Grooved platter, upgradable to acrylic for improved acoustics and speed consistency.

Motor drawing
Low-noise AC synchronous motor with flexible rubber suspension. Seamless silicone belt.
Platter drawing
Grooved platter. Upgradable to acrylic for improved acoustics and speed consistency. Inverted main bearing.
Tonearm drawing
Precision gimbal tonearm with one-piece magnesium armtube. Cue lever optional.
Knob nameplate drawing
Upgrade from manual to electronic speed control with advanced motor controller.

Assembled by hand in Woburn, MA

We are proud to build every Orbit Turntable in our Woburn, MA workshop. Our expert technicians assemble and test every turntable in-house – allowing us to deliver a consistently high level of quality.

Green Orbit Plus with the OA3 Magnesium tonearm

Orbit Arm 3: Great sound made simple

OA3 is our newest tonearm, built for effortless fidelity. It features a precision gimbal bearing and one-piece magnesium armtube for accurate tracking and low distortion. OA3 is equipped with preset anti-skate and an adjustable stainless steel counterweight. We calibrate and balance the tonearm so it’s ready to play out of the box. For enhanced performance and adjustability, look no further than our OA3 Pro Tonearm available exclusively on Orbit Theory.

Magnesium icon

33% Lighter
10x Damping capacitycompared to aluminum

Molded from magnesium

OA3’s armtube is a single piece of magnesium – an incredibly strong yet lightweight material known for its vibration damping properties. Each armtube is molded in the USA to exacting standards. Our one-piece tapered design minimizes points of resonance in the tonearm. This ensures no musical information from the record is lost, so you hear every detail with remarkable clarity.

Red Orbit with electronic speed control knob

A quiet revolution

Orbit gets its name from its signature external belt drive. Keeping the motor separate from the platter prevents unwanted vibration from reaching the stylus – ensuring clear playback that’s true to the original recording. For added stability and lower rumble, we use an inverted main bearing to support the platter. The result: a low-noise drive system with accurate speed and zero audible pitch variation.

Detailed view of solid walnut plinth

Sustainably-harvested American hardwoods

Most other “wood” turntable aren’t really wood. Instead of using veneer, our wood plinth options are 100% real rift-cut walnut and white oak, harvested from sustainably managed forests in the USA. Wood’s natural variation is part of it’s beauty. We highlight the unique grain, color, and texture of each plinth with a durable satin finish.

Black Orbit Basic from behind, showing the controls for the built-in preamp

Plug and play

Great vinyl playback shouldn't be a hassle. That’s why Orbit is ready to play out of the box. We install the cartridge and balance the tonearm, so you’re spinning within minutes. Using your Orbit is simple: just turn it on and lower the tonearm. All models are available with our built-in Pluto 2 Phono Preamp, so you can connect directly to most powered speakers and amplifiers.

White Orbit Custom with acrylic platter and Iso-Level feet

Custom built for you

It’s your music. Hear it exactly how you want. Orbit Custom lets you build the perfect turntable for your tastes and budget. Choose your finish, cartridge, speed control, platter, and more. There are hundreds of configurations available. Start simple or explore advanced options. Many Orbit parts are interchangeable, so you can also upgrade later.

Orbit Theory: Next level performance

Meet Theory, our most advanced turntable yet. It’s engineered from the ground up to provide uncompromising, highly detailed playback. Theory is equipped with our OA3 Pro Tonearm, ultra-quiet drive system with upgraded motor, electronic speed control, and more. Learn more about the technology behind Theory’s award-winning performance.

Assembly technician assembling a product at the U-Turn Audio manufacturing facility

Expert support from real people

We have the best customer support in the game. Whether you're a first-time vinyl listener or a seasoned audiophile, we’ll help you choose, set up, and care for your sound system. We stand by our products with a comprehensive 3-year warranty and 30-day return policy.

Critically acclaimed turntables for every budget

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Orbit Basic
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Orbit Plus
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Finish options
Speed Control Manual Manual Electronic Manual or Electronic Electronic
Platter MDF Machined Acrylic Machined Acrylic MDF or Acrylic Machined Acrylic
Tonearm OA3 OA3 OA3 OA3 OA3 Pro
Cartridge Audio-Technica AT91B Ortofon OM 5E Ortofon 2M Red 5 options Ortofon 2M Blue or Bronze
Cue lever Available separately Available separately Included Optional Included
Built-in preamp Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Feet Rubber Rubber Rubber Iso-Level or Rubber Iso-Level
Motor Standard Standard Standard Standard Ultra-quiet
Price $249+ $399+ $549+ $249+ $999+
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