Drive Belt

Replacement Orbit Turntable drive belt. Improved seamless silicone design.

⚠️ Orbit (Gen 1) and Orbit (Gen 2/Theory) belts are not interchangeable. Please select your Orbit model below.


Is My Orbit Gen 1 or Gen 2?

Looking at the tonearm is the easiest way to determine which generation Orbit you have. Gen 1 tonearms (unipivot and OA2) have a bare metal aluminum armtube, while Gen 2 tonearms (OA3) have a black magnesium armtube. You can also tell by the platter – Gen 1 platters have a flat edge with no groove, while Gen 2 platters have a groove for the belt.

Gen 1

Built from 2013 - 2023

Orbit Turntable Gen 1

Gen 2

Built 2023 - present

Orbit Turntable Gen 2