Introducing Iso-Level Feet

June 2023

We’re excited to announce that our Iso-Level Feet are now available as an easy-to-install upgrade for all Orbit Turntables, past and present! First introduced on Orbit Theory, these adjustable-height feet drastically reduce unwanted vibration.

close up of Iso-Level Foot

Vibrations are everywhere: footfalls from walking nearby, the hum of an air conditioner, and the bass from your speakers. If vibration reaches your stylus, it can muddy details and distort your music. Isolating your turntable from vibration can have a significant impact on playback quality.

Works with any Orbit Turntable

Dissipates vibration so you hear your music with total clarity

Adjustable-height design for precise leveling

Our Iso-Level Feet are machined from aluminum and layered with Sorbothane to dissipate unwanted vibration. Sorbothane is a soft rubber with an exceptional ability to absorb mechanical energy. It’s so effective at reducing vibration that NASA uses it on the International Space Station. Iso-Level’s thick Sorbothane layer isolates the plinth from its surroundings to prevent vibration from being transferred to the stylus. This ensures that you hear the most subtle details of your music with total clarity.

Installation is super simple. Just unscrew your three original feet and screw on the new ones (having three feet is inherently more stable than having four). All you need is a #2 Phillips-head screwdriver. Each foot is adjustable-height, so you can precisely level your turntable for optimal performance (bubble level comes included).

Extra vibration isolation can benefit any setup. It's particularly helpful for those with creaky wood floors or with speakers positioned near their turntable. We think you'll enjoy what you hear!

Available now!