Introducing Pluto 2

May 2020

We’re excited to announce the release of Pluto 2 - an updated version of our Pluto Phono Preamp. The idea is the same: great sound that doesn’t break the bank. But we’ve added a few new twists like higher gain, active filtering, and an overhauled power supply. All in a sleeker and more compact package. These updates have also been implemented on the built-in version of our preamp, which is an option on all of our turntables.

Here’s some more detail on what's new:

Pluto 2 in its natural habitat

Dual gain stage

Pluto 2 features a second gain stage - boosting the gain level from 36 dB (single stage) to 40 dB. Having this additional amplification at the start of the audio path rather than at your speaker/amp volume knob delivers higher output levels (louder playback) and minimizes distortion.

Active subsonic filter

We've upgraded the subsonic filter on Pluto 2 to an active design that more accurately eliminates inaudible frequencies from your speaker’s workload. Certain vibrations (e.g. footfalls produced by walking near your turntable) might be inaudible to the human ear, but can still play through your speakers at the expense of efficiency. Our active filter keeps your music sounding more true to life by attenuating only the frequencies you don’t want to hear.

Pluto 2 circuit board

Redesigned power supply

With the help of a voltage converter, we’ve updated Pluto's grounding scheme to increase the stability of the cicuit. This helps to push Pluto’s performance specs further with less crosstalk, lower distortion, and higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Fully shielded aluminum enclosure

We gave Pluto a facelift with a compact aluminum housing featuring precision machined details. The enclosure keeps Pluto’s inner workings safe from interference and noise that can be introduced by nearby cables or electronics. Available in brushed black aluminum and natural aluminum.

New look, same great taste

The best parts of Pluto haven’t changed. We’re using the same RIAA equalization network and high-quality components like WIMA capacitors and precision film resistors. And of course we still assemble each Pluto by hand in our Woburn, MA factory.

We’re always working to improve our products and we’re beyond excited for customers to get their hands on Pluto 2 and hear the difference. You can learn more about Pluto 2 and order yours here.