Introducing Birch Plywood Plinths

We are now offering birch plywood plinths as an option in the Orbit Custom. These plinths are 100% real wood with a maple top and bottom face. Where's the birch? The satin-finished plywood plinth is not only beautiful, but is also an excellent turntable material thanks to its dimensional stability and density. 

Each plinth is machined in Clinton, Massachusetts. The wood comes from Virginia. Baltic birch plywood is made by laminating high-quality birch sheets together with alternating grains. Then A-grade maple veneer is applied to the top and bottom faces. For this reason, birch plywood is commonly used in furniture. The maple veneer is rotary-cut  (as opposed to flat sawn or rift cut). This results in a seamless top face with really unique/striking grain patterns.

Some closing text will go here. Natural variation like our other plinths. Each one is unique!