Introducing Birch Plywood Plinths

March 2020

We love the look, feel, and durability of plywood. Plus, it's a pretty good turntable material. We're pleased to now offer birch plywood plinths as an option in our Orbit Custom. These plinths are made of real birch wood and feature a maple top and bottom face with a satin finish.

plywood turntable near window

Plywood is a dense and dimensionally stable material, which makes it perfect for turntables. Our plywood plinth are machined in Clinton, Massachusetts by our trusted wood shop. First, high-quality birch sheets are laminated together with alternating grains (this is what gives plywood it's dimensional stability). Then A-grade maple veneer is applied to the top and bottom faces. The maple veneer is rotary-cut against a massive blade that peels off a continuous layer of veneer. This produces a seamless top face that highlights the wood's unique grain patterns. Finally, each plinth is carefully reviewed before it's sent off to be sprayed with a clear satin finish.

plywood plinth close up

Plywood has long been a favorite of mid-century designers thanks to its versatility and functional beauty. Because we use 100% real wood, each plinth is unique. Natural variation is part of wood's distinctive beauty. We hope you enjoy this new plinth option!

plywood turntable