Motor installation

1. Secure the tonearm with a twist-tie, then remove the belt, platter, and spindle from the turntable. Flip the turntable upside down so that the dust cover is on a flat surface (lay a towel down to prevent damage to the dust cover).

2. Remove the black cover on the bottom of the turntable.

3. Unplug the green MTA connector (with the blue, red, and black wires) from the board.

4. Unscrew both of the small black screws holding the motor mount in place, then remove the motor mount.
*If your turntable has only one screw, please see the bottom of this page for an additional step before moving on.

5. Make sure that the motor wires are facing toward the circuit board and that the two holes in the rubber motor mount line up with the holes in the plinth. Twist the wires and plug into the MTA connector so that the green side of the connector is facing you and the wires are below. Arrange the wires to not be in contact with plinth, motor, motor mount, or PCB cover.

6. Once the motor is in place, screw the small black screw back into the plinth screw hole.

7. Check that the motor powers on and spins the correct way (clock-wise) before putting
the black cover back on. Here's what everything should look like once your new motor is
properly installed: 

*If there is one screw holding your motor assembly in place:
Push the motor assembly down, you’ll likely feel some resistance because part of the mount is glued to the plinth. If you’re unable to break the glue seal, use an exacto knife or razor blade and carefully cut out the rubber part that’s glued. Be sure there is minimal rubber left on the plinth.