Please review this packaging guide before shipping. If you do not have all of your original packaging materials, please contact to obtain replacement packaging. U-Turn Audio is not responsible for any damage caused by improper packaging, and damage due to improper packaging may be deducted from your refund (if applicable).


Packaging instructions:

1. Secure your tonearm in place with a twist-tie.



2. Make sure your cartridge is protected by its stylus guard. Without the guard, there is a high risk of stylus damage in transit.



3. Secure the spindle with tape - we recommend using masking/painter's tape. Please do not use duct tape or packing tape. 



4. Secure your turntable by placing it right-side-up in the end caps.



5. Place the turntable and end caps into the cardboard box.



6. Place the AC adapter inside the cardboard "components enclosed" insert. Please do not leave the adapter loose in the cardboard box, since this is a heavy component that is likely to damage the turntable if not secured.



7. Place cardboard "components enclosed" insert and any accessories (such as RCA cables, drive belt, setup guide, etc.) into the dustcover. 



8. Place dustcover on top of the end caps in the box. 



9. Place the slipmat and platter into the cardboard platter holder. 



10. Place the cardboard platter holder on top of the package before sealing it up. This will prevent shifting in transit. 



11. Seal the box with tape and write your RMA number (R#####) on the outside of the box. If the box has old shipping labels on it, please be sure to cover these or cross them our with marker to avoid confusion with UPS/FedEx. 



Additional instructions for returning external Pluto Preamp

Please place the Pluto and AC adapter back into their original spots in the Pluto box. Then place Pluto box in the "components enclosed" cardboard insert. See pictures below.