Please review this packaging guide before shipping. If you do not have all of your original packaging materials, please contact to obtain replacement packaging. We are not responsible for any damage caused by improper packaging.


Packaging instructions:

1. Hold onto your platter, spindle, counterweight, AC adapter and RCA cables (as well as any other accessories such as the mat and belt) to prevent damage in transit.


2. Lift the anti-skate mechanism until it locks in place. Secure the tonearm TIGHTLY in place with a twist-tie.


3. Make sure the stylus guard is properly installed. Without this, there is a high risk of stylus damage in transit.


4. Place the foam ring around the tonearm with the flat edge facing up.


5. Place the turntable in the plastic bag that it came in to prevent dust/debris from getting inside sensitive components. If you no longer have the original bag, you can use small unscented trash bag or similar.


6. Secure the turntable by placing it right-side-up in the endcaps. Do NOT ship the spindle back to us or this will scratch the base.


7. Place the turntable and endcaps into the shipping box.


8. Place your dust cover in the endcaps to prevent package contents from shifting.


9. Place the cardboard platter holder on top of the package before sealing the box.


10. Seal the box with tape and write your RMA number (RPR#####) on the outside of the box. Remove or cover any old shipping labels.